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Monday, 1 February 2010

My Valentine's Day Minibook

My Valentine's Day Minibook

For some instructions on how to fold the minibook, click here.


  1. hi, i can't find the word n° 8 to unscramble, I even tried an anagram website. So I guess there might be a mistake

  2. There is no mistake! It is the word 'February'.

  3. argh! i feel stupid! :P (and wonder why the anagram site didn't find it!)
    thanx a lot ;)

  4. Don't worry! I could have made a mistake! I really did not mind checking my minibook again at all!

  5. Hello, Thank you for this mini book, it's great !!! but I can't find the instructions to fold it .......the link seems to be broken......Could you help ? Thanks.


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