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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Project 5 - Write an email and Give advice / suggestions

Project 5 - Write an email and Give advice / suggestions

Click here for a better version of the poster that is to be analyzed in Lesson 2.


  1. I love your poster, even if I might just use it as a poster in my classroom :)

  2. I've discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I keep coming back and being surprised each time.How do you do that? Your work is amazing!
    Votre travail est génial, bravo, continuez!
    Isabelle R.

  3. Hello, Marion!

    This is not MY poster!! I found it on the net last October. Unfortunately, when I tried to look for the link again a few days ago, I did not find it! I am glad I downloaded the PDF version!

    Hello, Isabelle!

    Thank you very much for your visit and your encouraging words!


  4. Fabulaous again! Inspiring!
    I love all your projects!
    They are simply the BEST!
    I am sending you warm hugs!Victoria

  5. I couldn't resist to have a look at that one too. This project is amazing. Thank you again for sharing your fantastic work.


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