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Saturday, 12 June 2010

How to talk about the past (Powerpoint + Worksheet)

How to talk about the past (Worksheet)


  1. I absolutely love your past tense ppt and worksheet.Easy, nice to the eyes, very helpful!
    It is absolutley adorable........the images are unique in the way that you have designed them and I know my students will love them.
    Thank you for your time and effort in creating and updating your website. It is awesome! You deserve the awards and recognition.
    hugs,from Victoria

  2. Je suis très impressionnée par tout ton travail, et je ne sais pas comment tu trouves le temps!!

  3. Merci, Vanessa!
    Je commence à bien manier certains outils et donc, je gagne un peu de temps! ;)

  4. I really admire your work. Only a teacher can grasp the magnitude of dedication, time and energy you must have devoted to the preparation of these activities. My grateful thanks and admiration to you!

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Englishwitherika! :)


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