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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Interactive Book - How to talk about the past

Interactive Book - How to talk about the past


  1. Excellent material! Very useful and well done!
    Have a relaxing summer full of sunny smiling moments,dear Laurence! Thanks for sharing again!!!!
    huge hugs!

  2. Thank you Victoria!
    Enjoy your summer holidays too! We certainly deserve a good rest!

  3. Hello Frenchfrog ;)
    I loved the idea of interactive books and I used it to do my own book. I write french short stories for kids and I wanted to add my stories with me reading it page by page for kids to learn how to read. I need your help, if you can tell me how you put the books on blogs ?
    If you have time, can you come on my blog to see what one of the story is "Fraisialala"
    Bisous Babs


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