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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Interactive Book - Subject & Object Pronouns + Possessive Adjectives

Interactive Book - Subject & Object Pronouns + Possessive Adjectives


  1. T * H * A * N * K * S !
    Simply outstanding !!!!

    I am looking forward to using it with my students:)
    Your ideas and worksheets are wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hello, I am a Spanish teacher at primary school.
    I'm interested in using the interactive books. I would like to know how to create them and if they are free or I have to pay to get them.


    my mail is:

  3. Hello Sisé!

    Sorry for not answering sooner! I normally get an email each time a new message is posted. But there are some glitches sometimes and I did not get your message right away!
    I use a French programme to create these interactive books. It is a free programme and you can download it here:

  4. Hi,
    Thanks soooo much for sharing these amasing interactive books! I'm a POrtuguese teacher of English and If you don't mind I'm sure going to use these books with my kids.
    Once again thanks you!

  5. Hello, Patricia!

    Thank you for your message! These interactive books are meant to be used! ;)


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