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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Project 10 - Make a film about your travelling destinations

Note: Each lesson has been uploaded separately.

Here are the Powerpoints to help you with the project:

Lesson 1 - Have you been abroad? (Powerpoint)
Lesson 2 - When did you go there? What did you do? (Powerpoint)
Lesson 3 - Where are you going next summer? What are you going to do? (Powerpoint)
Lesson 4 - Where would you like to go? (Powerpoint)

Project 10 - Make a film about your travelling destinations


  1. This project looks really great! In which class did you use it? Did your students like it? Merci

  2. I do this project with my 5emes (1st Form / Year 7 students in the UK, 7th grade students in the US) and they usually like it! I got nice films last year!


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