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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

British Culture 7 - British Schools

British Culture 7 - British Schools


  1. Great work you've been doing on British culture, frenchfrog, really engaging and motivating for the kids! It's a pity I teach higher level (and age) students...
    Thanks all the same for sharing!
    Greetings from Greece
    Areti (serene)

  2. Thank you for your message, Serene! I really enjoy preparing these minibooks on British Culture. I particularly like finding nice videos and recordings for my students. It is very enriching, both for them and me!


  3. Great minibook as usual!Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous work! Blumette

  4. Thanks a lot for your visit and your comment, Blumette!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Thanks a lot for your visit, Oksanochka! I'm glad you like this activity!


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