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Dear Native Speakers!

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oral Comprehension - Harriet Tubman (video)

Oral Comprehension - Harriet Tubman (video)


  1. I love your activities, and think your new website is great. However, the section for interactive books isn't working. If you click on the link to it on your website, it will lead you to the mainpage for the books. But, then, if you click on any of the books, the links won't work. Any chance of your fixing that soon?

    Larry Ferlazzo

  2. Hello, Larry! Thank you for leaving a message and mentioning my work on your blog! My interactive books are temporarily unavailable. They are on the server of my school's website which has been under maintenance. The webmaster should be back this weekend (we are on vacation right now!) and everything should be back to normal very soon! Sorry for this inconvenience!


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